European Life Goals Games 2020

21-27 september 2020
Esplanade, Almere

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European Life Goals Games 2020

Stichting Life Goals Nederland brengt kwetsbare mensen in onze samenleving via sport weer in beweging.

The Life Goals Foundation is delighted to announce that we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary by organizing the European Life Goals Games 2020 from the 21th until 27th of September 2020. The event is organized in collaboration with the European Commission and the municipality of Almere. We would love your organization to be part of this event! 

The European Life Goals Games 2020 is a seven-day social multisport event and is held in the city of Almere. More than 400 socially excluded individuals from ten European countries will be able to experience the power of sports. The event will be organized in the European Week of Sport 2020. The sporting event is specially designed to promote sport participation and social inclusion amongst vulnerable groups. 

The Event

Het middel dat Life Goals gebruikt, is sport.

This seven-day event will bring over 400 participants together, whom experience social exclusion for reasons such as; homelessness, addiction, ethnicity and gender. The participants have in common that they are vulnerable, but they are determined to get more grip on their lives. 

A total of 40 teams are participating in the event. The 10 European partners will attend the event with 20 teams in total. The other 20 teams will be delegated by the National network of the Life Goals Foundation. Both men’s and women’s teams participate in the European Life Goals Games 2020. 

We would like to invite a women’s and men’s delegation from your respective country to participate in our European street football tournament.  

More than an event, long lasting legacy

Jaarlijks krijgen wij zo duizenden mensen weer in beweging.

The European Life Goals Games 2020 is an innovative event that combines sports with education. Prior to the event the Life Goals Foundation will visit coaches from all European and National delegations to follow our Social Sports Coach course. A course developed by sports psychologists, coaches, cultural anthropologists and participants with the aim of giving trainees the right tools for guiding vulnerable groups during sports activities. By allowing all delegations to partake in the course we aim to create the right culture and consensus during the European Life Goals Games 2020. It will equip at least 40 coaches across the EU to use the power of sports for socially excluded groups in the best manner. 

Beside coaches, participants will follow a course to become an Assistant Social Sport Coach during the event. Through this course participants learn crucial skills for offering sports activities in their own environment. The course will prepare participants to use their own stories, experiences and skills as a mean to inspire others. 

The Life Goals Foundation

The Life Goals Foundation Stimulates the participation of vulnerable people in our society through sports. We focus on people who are stuck in life for whatever reason. Homeless people, addicts, refugees, teen moms, ex-prisoners or people with major psychiatric problems. We have been member of the Homeless World Cup network for more than 10 years.  

We use sport as a mean for progression. Sport can create the necessary spark in someone’s life in order to get the ball rolling again. We believe that participating in regular sporting activities and being part of something can inspire people to move forward.   

By initiating local partnerships, creating broad local support and our national network we make it possible to structurally embed sport in the social sector. Our approach gives concrete substance to the task of municipalities to realize sport in the social sector. 


Together we are able to make the best possible impact. For the organization of the European Life Goals Games 2020 the Life Goals Foundation works closely with; European Commission, municipality of Almere, Salvation Army and NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee).  

Get the ball rolling

If your organization is interested in participating in this event we love to hear from you. Please send us an email at and we will get in touch as soon as possible to discuss the details of the event. Availability is limited so please let us know as soon as possible.


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